Why Men Go Crazy Over Women’s Breasts

Why Men Go Crazy Over Women’s Breasts We Believe You Will Find the Reasons Intriguing

Some women are appalled at men when they gawk or run their eyes up and down woman’s body. Sure, most guys look at a woman’s face, but then again, most men have a hard time not focusing below the neckline, ultimately looking at a woman’s breasts. Here are some common reasons why women go crazy over women’s breasts.

Why Men Go Crazy Over Women’s Breasts

Some women have a hard time with that and come to the conclusion that men are very shallow and sexist, which may be partly true. Not to say that a woman’s breasts are their favorite body part, but for many men it is. The question here is what makes breasts so intriguing to men. A well-endowed woman can often be the center of attention, but no more so than a guy with a great muscular body.
Breasts and fertility

From a man’s perspective, his female partner will eventually bear children, her breasts are more than a sexual item, they are a symbol of milk which is invaluable for the nurturing of the newborn child. A mother’s milk is the foundation of a child’s immune system, sense of security and bonding. So for men, it is a symbol of strong and healthy children.

Curvature and Shape

No matter the shape or size of a woman’s breasts, they are very arousing to men. Men have rather straight and muscular bodies with very little curvature, which makes women’s breasts all the more enticing, men love women with curvaceous bodies and breasts make a big part of that curvature.

Breasts are very mysterious

Many of us enjoy wrapped gifts, it is always fun to guess what’s in the box or beneath the wrapping, the same goes for a woman’s breasts. For men, just the thought of not knowing what they actually look like below those clothes can drive them crazy, which can only leave him to guess and fantasize about them.

Soft and sexually arousing

Yes, one of the favorite things about a woman’s breasts is how soft they are, some jiggle more than others, but that’s what makes them sensual and special. If men are realistic they will not expect rock hard breasts, that is unnatural and is most common in women who have had some kind of breast implants, while those implants might look attractive from the outside, the true reality is they are not as fun to play with as the real ones.

Men love  foreplay and breasts make up a big part of that

While some women will say oh my god he’s making love to my breasts, yes ladies you should enjoy the passion, if your lover is a bit too rough make him understand that you enjoy the soft touching that goes along with foreplay, but also understand that breast are very arousing for men during sexual intercourse and can actually be the highlight of sex for many.

Some men like them big and some like them small, but ultimately you should be happy with what you have, large breast as well as small are both arousing to men, the same goes for nipple size, unfortunately, many women tend to feel very insecure because of their breast size, there is no reason to be.

In spite of the visual and unrealistic views the media has placed on the human body, the important thing is to know that everyone is different. Your breast size is unique to you, and if a guy truly cares for you, he will love your breasts just the way they are.

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