What Men Like About Breasts – A Mans Perspective

What men like about breasts but are afraid to tell you

Ever since the beginning of time men have had an obsession with women’s breasts, coming from a guys perspective, which is what this article is about and why men love women’s breasts, also called titties, mammaries, melons, cans, the list goes on and on.

What Men Like About Breasts

While there are many men that consider the derrière or a nice ass, as men will put it, to be the best part of a woman’s body, I personally prefer a nice pair of breasts, after all, there is so much that can be said for a woman with nice boobs, not to mention the things that can be done with a nice rack.

This is not meant to be a grotesque article on female breasts but rather just some basic information on why men love them so much.

Breasts for pleasure

Breasts can be very nice and soft to touch, men are very visual and having a good romp in the sack with a nice pair of breasts is very fulfilling, the bigger they are the more they move and a little movement can boost a guy’s excitement.

The ability for a guy to softly caress his penis between a woman’s breasts can make a wonderful and erroneous experience for a guy, my wife being a D cup size loves this technique as she says it is as much fun for her as it is for me.

Cuddling at night

Having a nice pair of breasts can make it nice for snuggling and cuddling, especially when it’s cold outside. If you are one of those guys that loves to hug your pillow at night, give it up and try wrapping your arm around your gal and gently fondling her bosom.

Kissing a woman’s breasts can make things fun for both men and women, gently kissing and fondling a woman’s breasts can make for a sensual and arousing experience.

The final turn on is having your sexual encounter and having your gal gently fondle her breasts while making love, while some women may feel uncomfortable with this, try it and see the reaction you get from your male partner, most men will go absolutely nuts.

A soapy sensation

Another favorite for most guys is a nice shower or bath with your female partner, a nice scented bar of soap can do wonders, men love to caress and soap down your breasts. This can be a wonderful and comforting sensation for both of you, guys love to watch and touch while women like the gentle stroking and sensation this can provide, just remember to be gentle.

So ladies if you are wondering if there are any good reasons to firm up and increase your bust size a little, hopefully, the above will offer some encouragement and give you a better understanding of why guys love breasts so much.

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