What is Breast Augmentation and what are the Surgical Alternatives?

If you look up the definition of breast enlargement, the term simply makes reference to placing an implant under the breast area for cosmetic purposes, usually for making the breasts larger.

In many cases, it is done as reconstructive surgery in women who have suffered from breast cancer.   The implants usually contain some type of saline or silicone solution. But breast enlargement is a bit more complex, why the term surgical is the only reference made to breast enlargement is beyond me.

Silicone Breaast Implants

If you have suffered from some sort of traumatic disease such as cancer, or maybe a genetic deformity, reconstructive breast surgery makes perfect sense, but what if you are only doing it for cosmetic purposes. If you are looking for ways to increase the size of your breasts you may want to consider other options. Breast surgery is an invasive procedure and should not be taken lightly; there are many other alternatives that are not only cheaper but much safer.

Before discussing the different options of breast enlargement,  it is very important for women to make sure they are doing it for all the right reasons.  The main reason is for you, not because your boyfriend or significant other says he wants you to have bigger boobs, this should be a decision you make and only you. If you have decided you would like to increase the size of your breasts there are very many safe ways to do it and below we will outline the different alternatives.

As we mention above, breast surgery is an alternative but it is expensive and as with any surgical procedure there are risks, which can include ruptured implants, infections, and severe pain after surgery, personally I am one of those people that want to keep my body intact and would only consider surgery in the case of something life threatening, however, every year thousands of women opt for breast augmentation surgery to enhance the size and appearance of their boobs.

Breast Creams and Serums

Breast creams and serums have become a very popular alternative for women wanting to increase their breast size, women in Thailand have been doing it for years using an herb called Pueraria Mirifica, this herb targets the breast directly and increases breast tissue as well as slightly increasing the size of the milk ducts making the breasts larger, firmer and fuller. There are many breast creams and serums that have shown very good results, the best thing about these products is they are very safe, all natural and inexpensive.

Breast Supplements

Breast enlargement supplements  contain a specially formulated mixture of herbs and generally come in capsules.  Breast supplements promote natural phytoestrogens which naturally stimulate estrogen production in women, more estrogen means firmer enlarged breasts, most of the supplements include herbs such as black cohosh, Fenugreek seed, wild yam, saw palmetto, soy isoflavones and red clover, all naturally contributing to help your breasts grow. Many breast supplements include a  topical cream which enhances breast growth along with the supplements.

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are one of the least talked about products.  Breast pumps can do wonders when it comes to making your breasts larger. Women from all over the globe  have achieved tremendous growth using these devices. Breast pumps are a simple apparatus that contain a pump and a set of cups that are placed over the breast, the pump is used to draw blood in to the breast, more blood flow to the breast causes natural tissue growth and increase the size of the breasts. Many women prefer this method as they say that the growth resulting from the breast pumps seems to be more permanent that using cream or supplements.

So as you can see there is no limit of the products available to help enhance the look of those beautiful breasts of yours , it’s just a matter of finding the best option that fits you and your budget,  in the long run all the above options are much cheaper and safer than surgical implants.

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