Total Curve Breast Cream and Pills

Total Curve Breast Care System for Women

Total Curve has been one of the top-selling breast enhancement products for as long as I can remember.

For over a decade Total Curve and Breast Actives have battled it out for the top spot and both products continue to sell equally as well.

Total Curve is a product that delivers what it promises, and that is a fast way to make your breasts bigger.

One of the advantages that Total Curve has over other brands is that Total Curve contains active ingredients that are backed by clinical studies that are proven to increase breast size.

Total Curve Breast Cream and Pills

Total Curve is a two part system that comes with a breast enlargement cream and a dietary supplement.

Total Curve offers a complete breast enhancement package that consists of the following:

  • Daily supplement pills
  • Breast enlargement and firming gel

Used together, Total Curve offers women a safe way to make their breasts bigger, fuller, and firmer, older women will love the benefits it offers for reducing sagging breasts.

Total Curve breast care cream

The main ingredient in Total Curve breast cream is something called Volufiline™. It is trademarked and there have been extensive studies on the benefits of Volufiline™1, the studies have shown that it can increase the size of a woman’s breast by up to 8.4%.

Not only is Volufiline effective, but it also works fast!

Below is a visual representation of the effect that Volufiline can have on breast size in less than two months.

Volufiline Chart With Results

Total Curve Supplement

The Total Curve supplement is loaded with plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) these help boost estrogen levels which are often one of the reasons women’s breasts begin to sag and lose elasticity.

The ingredients in the dietary supplement include:

Buckwheat leaves and flowers, hops, fennel seed, watercress leaves and shoots, Dong Quai root, Black Cohosh root, damiana leaf, blessed thistle, and wild yam root.

How to use Total Curve Breast Care System

1.    Daily supplement pill – you need to take this pill twice a day every day for a minimum of 60 days – for best results. The pill is made out of a number of highly potent breast enhancing herbs, natural anti-oxidants, and plant phytoestrogens.

2.    Breast firming and lifting gel –  The gel needs to be applied twice a day, you massage the gel on to the breasts for 1-2 minutes until it is completely absorbed into the skin.

How to Use Total Curve Image

The Cons of Total Curve

1.    The system is a little pricey, though if you compare it to other natural breast enhancers, the cost would more or less be the same.

2.    It takes about 4 weeks to show some results, which is a little slow for some women. Though it is true that in 60 days you can enjoy dramatic results

The Pros of Total Curve

1.    The system is all-natural – Both the breast cream and herbal pills are made of 100% natural herbal ingredients.

2.    No side effects – since it is all-natural there is nothing to worry about in terms of side effects. This is a completely safe method to enhance your breasts.

3.    60-days money-back guarantee – there is a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee which clearly implies that the manufacturer is confident about its efficacy.

How Effective is the Total Curve breast care system?

I have personally used Total Curve myself and have found it to be very effective, most women should expect at least a one-cup increase in breast size.

One of the things I love about Total Curve is that not only does it give you a nice increase in breast size it also makes the breast much firmer and fuller, kind of like when I was in my teens, that itself makes Total Curve worth the money.

Besides my own personal experience from using Total Curve, there are many customer testimonials and reviews online.

It fully delivers on its promise.

The majority of the women who used it were completely delighted with the results.

There is no reason why you should not be delighted with Total Curve as well.

Total Curve Before and After Results


The Total Curve breast care system is a great product that delivers excellent results, if you have a little patience and are willing to wait two months for full results Total curve is a winner.

Where to buy

I highly recommend you buy Total Curve from the official website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product, in the event you are not satisfied with the product you are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

-> Click Here to Order Total Curve



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