The Dangers of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Dangers and Side Effects of Breast Surgery

Sometimes a female looks with envy at other women, those who have a more voluptuous figure. Such a woman might detest her rather tiny breasts. Eventually, her dissatisfaction with that part of her body can cause her to consider breast enhancement surgery.

Unfortunately, that procedure does not guarantee any woman the immediate possession of two beautiful breasts. Instead, that procedure invites the introduction of potential dangers.

A smart lady does not request an enhancement without first considering each of those recognized dangers.

No female can deny the fact that her body has been blessed with a number of curves. One pair of curves demonstrates her possession of soft and full mammary tissue.

Those paired curves result from the perfect alignment of the nipples and the tissue surrounding them. An enhanced pair of bosoms can lack that sort of alignment.

How Breast Surgery is Done

In order to improve the size and shape of the two breasts, a surgeon must cut into the mammary tissue and the skin that surrounds it.

A silicone implant cannot be put in place until that cut has been made. Moreover, that incision separates the nipple temporarily from a portion of the skin that has always been attached to it.

At the end of the operation, the edges of the incision must be stitched together.

At that point, the natural alignment of the breasts can disappear. A surgeon can fail to close both incisions in a manner that guarantees retention of that alignment.

Then the female patient must either live with the unsatisfactory result or plan for another operation.

While a second operation could correct the problem caused by an earlier surgery, it would also allow for the possible appearance of a new problem.

That possibility concerns the risk that is associated with any surgical procedure. That risk involves the potential for the development of an infection.

In an operating room, every effort is made to keep the infectious matter out of the incision on the patient’s body.

However, no surgeon and no hospital can guarantee to prevent the entrance of all infectious matter all of the time. Thus any operation must be associated with the possible risk of infection.

Possible infection from breast surgery

Now the chances of infection underline a certain detail related to an enhanced bosom. It contains a substance that has been added to the body.

That substance lacks the ability of natural human tissue to fight off an invading organism. Therefore, an infectious organism can reproduce and grow on such an insert.

Therefore, even after an infected incision has been treated and healed, an organism from the same previously infected area could remain inside the woman’s body.

It could grow and cause real problems. The affected female could experience recurring cold sweats. Treatment for the infection would involve the administration of antibiotics by IV, followed by oral use of the same medication.

That risk only adds to the list of dangers already associated with breast enhancement surgery. Most literature about such dangers focuses on the chemical makeup of the inserts that go into the enhanced breasts. However, as can be seen, those chemicals are just one of the multiple threats to a woman’s total health and satisfaction.

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