Risks of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

7 Negative Side Effects of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Sometimes a female looks with envy at other women, those who have a more voluptuous figure. Such a woman might detest her rather tiny breasts. Eventually, her dissatisfaction with that part of her body can cause her to consider breast enhancement surgery.

Unfortunately, that procedure does not immediately guarantee a woman two beautiful breasts. Instead, that procedure invites the introduction of potential dangers.

A smart woman does not immediately opt for breast surgery and most will do some research before having the procedure done.

How Breast Surgery is Done

In order to improve the size and shape of the two breasts, a surgeon must cut into the mammary tissue and the skin that surrounds it. There are several procedures where the implant is either placed behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle.

How the surgeon performs the surgery can vary, some choose to place the implants through the armpit while others may make the incision in the breast next to the areola or under the fold of the breast.

While cosmetic breast surgery is a common procedure, in no way does not mean there aren’t any risks.

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Risks of breast implant surgery

1. Bleeding

Bleeding also called a hematoma, this is bleeding from under the skin due to the surgical procedure, a hematoma can occur up to three weeks after having breast surgery. Not resting and become active immediately after surgery can strain the area where the implants were inserted and cause bleeding under the skin.

2. Infection

Infection after breast surgery can present itself in the form of skin discoloration or oozing pus from the wound. If the infection is bad and is not healing properly the implant may have to be removed.

Treating the infection ould involve the administration of antibiotics by IV, followed by oral use of the same medication.

3. Damaged fat tissue (necrosis)

Because of the surgery fatty tissue within the breast can die due to poor blood circulation or trauma from the surgery.

4. Blood clots

While we would think that blood clots can only happen when major surgical procedures are done, they can also happen from breast surgery, while it is rare from bust lift surgery, it can occur but will usually resolve themselves on their own, however, women who take contraceptive pills or have known blood clotting issues could possibly have an increased risk to blood clotting.

That risk only adds to the list of dangers already associated with breast enhancement surgery. Most literature about such dangers focuses on the chemical makeup of the inserts that go into the enhanced breasts. However, as can be seen, those chemicals are just one of the multiple threats to a woman’s total health and satisfaction.

5. Swelling

This is sometimes caused by an accumulation of fluid in the breasts, this can be caused by becoming active too soon after the surgery.

6. Nerve damage

Female breasts have several nerve endings around the breasts including nipples and areola, a nerve that is hit during breast surgery while nerve damage can be temporary it can sometimes be permanent. Most nerve damage can be recovered from 6 months to a year, but this is a complication women should consider before having breast surgery.

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7. Scarring

Scarring is normal after breast surgery and while permanent most scars will heal and eventually fade, a good surgeon will try to minimize scarring as much as possible but this is something that is hard to avoid.

If you feel something is wrong after your surgery you should contact your doctor immediately.

If you notice any kind of abnormalities after surgery, don’t be afraid to contact your doctor, if you experience any kind of swelling, fever or discharge after the surgery you should contact your doctor.

Final thoughts

When we think about breast surgery, most of us think of how beautiful our new breasts will be, oftentimes we may try to overlook the possible side effects. It is important to know that breast surgery is no different than any other medical procedure, there are potential risks that you should be aware of.

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