Breast Augmentation the Natural Way

Breast augmentation the natural way – Safe alternatives to make your breasts bigger

There has been a lot in the news about the PIP breast implant scandal in the UK and French media over the past few months. The main issue is the use of lower grade silicon in the manufacturing of breast implants. This is an additional risk to the already known problems with breast implant surgery. This article will explore another option, using natural creams to improve the look and appearance of your breasts, minus the risk of surgical procedures.

Breast Augmentation the Natural Way

A recent study in Canada showed that 40% of women with breast implants had a higher rate of breast cancer going undetected. This is thought to be because breast implants are radio-opaque, meaning they can impair the detection. Based on those statistics many women may want to avoid breast augmentation surgery, after all, there are much safer alternatives using natural products that don’t have secondary side effects.

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