How Breast Augmentation Creams Work

What You Should Know Before Using a Breast Enhancement Cream

Herbal breast augmentation is a subject that is looked at with a lot of skepticism; much in the way many believe homeopathic remedies or supplements are not effective. Using herbal breast enhancement methods do work and have been highly effective, if they did not work, women would no longer be buying them, but they do.

How they work is actually pretty simple, some herbal serums are simple one-step treatments that work by applying a cream or serum directly on the breast usually twice a day, while others  include oral tonics and pills which include specially formulated herbs that can help women achieve larger breasts.

Breast creams do not have the same effect on all women. Genetics account for about 75% of how large they grow, the rest has to do with woman’s hormonal levels, frame size etc.  You may say this is untrue, but many women with smaller breasts have not developed as well as those women with larger breasts, therefore they have more potential for increasing the size of their breasts than that of bustier women, most women with larger breasts have come very close to reaching their full breast size potential.

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