Natural breast enlargement is better for bigger breasts

Natural breast enlargement is a great way to increase your bust size as it is not only safe but is also inexpensive.

However many women are doubtful about following natural breast enlargement techniques as they don’t offer instants results like breast enlargement surgery does.

Though natural breast enhancement methods take time and efforts to get your results, remember that with the right effort and patience, the wait is well worth it.

Use the help of herbs and herbal supplements

The first option you have for natural breast enlargement is to use more of high-quality herb supplements that trigger bigger breasts.

Herbs like saw palmetto, red clover and fenugreek are available in any health food store and are very effective in increasing your breast size.

Herbal supplements have phytoestrogens in them with a similar composition and functioning like human estrogen. These supplements stimulate the adipose tissue in the breasts to increase breast size.

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However make sure you consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplements, especially if you have other medication to ensure there are no contraindications between the supplements and medication.

No weight gain

However, some women are apprehensive about using these herbal breast enlargement supplements as they tend to gain weight while taking them. These herbs generally don’t induce weight gain.

However, they do cause temporary bloating, which can be avoided by drinking more water to handle dehydration induced bloating and by increasing your protein intake as proteins have diuretic properties.

Too much of carbohydrates promotes bloating, so eat more of meat, eggs, fish, and poultry and reduce the consumption of bread, potatoes, pasta, sweets and other high carbohydrate foods for breast enlargement.

Regular massage

Make it a point to massage your breasts twice a day while taking these supplements for faster and better breast enhancement.

Massage your breasts with a mixture of a few drops of liquid herbal extracts (wild yam or fenugreek) and a body lotion to speed up breast enhancement.

After your breast massage, apply a heating pad to your breasts. The heat of the pad increases circulation to your breasts, which helps with the absorption of the herbs.

It is better to set the heat of the pad to low or medium heat and leave it on your breasts for 15 to 20 minutes per day for optimum results.

Use breast enhancement creams

Instead of herbal extracts, you can also apply one of the many breast enhancement creams for your massage.

These creams are a blend of herbs with estrogenic properties that also help with breast enlargement by softening and rejuvenating breast skin.

Yoga is also another natural breast enlargement option you can use for bust enlargement.

Yoga not only increases your breast size if done regularly but also helps relax your mind while promoting your health.

With so many natural breast enlargement options available, it is no wonder fewer people opt for breast enhancement surgeries.

Though slow, natural breast enlargement gives results after some time, without the risk of any side effects or complications that may occur after surgery.

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