Natural vs Surgical Breast Augmentation

While statistics do vary, it is estimated that 4 in 26 women have had breast implant surgery, that works out to 4% of all women in America have had some sort of breast surgery, this is not limited to breast enlargement but also breast reduction and bust lift surgery.

The reality is, that despite the popularity of breast enlargement surgery does not mean its safe.

We realize that many things in life are not safe but there are better options available for women who want bigger breasts.

I will admit that for many women these options are not very appealing to women who are looking for a big increase in breast size but sometimes its good to put things into perspective and take a look at all of your options instead of fixating on just one.

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If you have never had a surgical breast enlargement procedure, you’re in luck because even though the results happen fast, there are side effects.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the pros and cons of surgical vs natural breast enlargement.

This article is not meant to sway your decision on what method is best for you, I intend to share with you what I have learned about both options.

Breast Augmentation surgery

Without a doubt, breast implant surgery is a very appealing method for many women to make their breasts bigger.

You go in to see a surgeon, he explains the procedure in detail, once you have decided on the procedure and the implants you want, the whole process happens pretty fast.

Breast or silicone implants are expensive.

Some studies and surveys show that some women will go as far as to take out a loan or seek other kinds of financing to have the surgery, on average breast implant surgery can cost anywhere between $3,000.00 – $6000.00 the price tag alone can be painful for many.

Breast Implant

One of the reasons a lot of women choose breast augmentation is because it only takes a few hours and you have bigger breasts.

Although breast surgery happens fast you go in one day and after only a few a hours you wake up to a pair of bigger breasts, unfortunately, the recovery time can take weeks and it can be extremely painful.

A lot of women think that all of the side effects caused by breast surgery are short-lived, unfortunately, there are long and short term side effects from surgery, this does not mean you will have them because it will vary from person to person.

Temporary side effects from breast surgery

Pain and swelling: Most surgical procedures cause discomfort and selling, this can include pain, discomfort, and redness in the area.

Tenderness: This is the worst, this means you will not be able to wear a bra or tight-fitting clothes until a  week or two after the surgery.

Breast settle and may look different after a while: After you receive your new breast implants they will look perky, after a while, they will begin to settle and shift and may look much different after a few weeks and months after the surgery.

Long term side effects

Problems with breastfeeding: Not all women have issues with breastfeeding but some do, depending on how the implants are placed it can obstruct the milk ducts and cause problems for breastfeeding.

If you have not had children and are planning to have them in the future you may want to speak with your doctor first and ask for advice on having breast surgery and the impact it may have on breastfeeding.

Ruptured implants: While breast implants can last for 10-15 years there is always a risk that they may leak or rupture, if this happens you will need to have the implant replaced which would require another surgical procedure.

Complications with surgeries are plenty to deal with, not everyone has a successful surgery for some women it can be disastrous says medical experts in the US.

If you do opt for breast enlargement surgery make sure you get several opinions and make sure the doctor has a good reputation and that he or she is certified.

Natural breast augmentation

Getting bigger breasts with all-natural methods is possible and some women may prefer this method. The benefit is that there are no side effects and very little risk of complications.

When I say almost no risk, that is because some women may have extremely sensitive skin and may not tolerate certain breast creams, in a worst-case scenario women may suffer from mild skin irritation.

Natural breast enlargement methods for women

Vacuum therapy

This a method that increases breast size by using a breast enlargement pump, there are several breast enlargement pumps sold, the one that seems to offer the best results is the Noogleberry. Breast enlargement pumps work by increasing more blood flow and oxygen into the breasts.

One of the benefits of using a breast pump is that it is a method that usually delivers some of the best results, I personally have been able to make my breasts almost two cup sizes bigger, granted it has taken a year and a half but my efforts were worth it.

Breast enlargement pumps are affordable often costing less than $80.00 U.S, they are durable but it does take some time to get full results.

Breast creams and pills

This is one of the most popular methods, mainly because it’s easy and cheap, this is what most women start off with.

Most breast creams and pills are sold in a bundle which normally includes a breast cream and pills. Some products offer creams, pills and tonics which can be purchased individually. Natureday for example sells several individual products that you can combine in order to get the best results.

Breast Enhancement Cream

While breast creams offer fast results, at best you should only expect up to one cup size increase in breast size.

Most breast creams that are sold cost anywhere between $35.00-$300.00 U.S the price will vary depending on the brand and ingredients.

Breast surgery vs natural breast enlargement

There are obviously several things to consider before choosing a method, surgery is more expensive but there are more risks, women who want to increase the size of their breasts by 3-5 cup sizes bigger will ultimately choose surgery, it is the only way to achieve this. The downside is that there are risks.

Natural methods have limitations, at best you should expect up to a 2 cup size increase, in some rare cases women have gained more, the positive side of natural breast enlargement is that there is almost no risk.


Every woman should ask themselves, Is breast enlargement surgery really worth the risk?

This is something every woman should look into with great detail, using a breast cream or pump is a great way to give yourself a slight increase in breast size, plus it’s safe, effective, and there are no health risks.

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