Natural Breast Enhancement vs Surgical Breast Augmentation

While statistics do vary, it is estimated that 4 in 26 women have had breast implant surgery, that works out to 4% of all women in America have had some sort of breast surgery, this is not limited to breast enlargement but also breast reduction and bust lift surgery.

The reality is, that in spite of the popularity of breast enlargement surgery does not mean its safe.

We realize that there are many things in life that are not safe but there are better options available for women who want bigger breasts.

I will admit that for many women these options are not very appealing to women who are looking for a big increase in breast size but sometimes its good to put things into perspective and take a look at all of your options instead of fixating on just one.

Young Woman Holding Breasts
Closeup of female breasts

From my own personal experience I have found that the results from natural breast enlargement have been rewarding.

If you have never had a surgical breast enlargement procedure, your in luck because there are so many natural breast enlargement methods that offer similar benefits that are not harmful to your health.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the pros and cons of natural breast enhancement vs surgical breast augmentation.

This article is not meant to sway your decision on what method is best for you, my intention is to share with you what I have learned about both options.

Breast Augmentation surgery

Without a doubt, breast implant surgery is a very appealing method for many women to make their breasts bigger.

You go in to see a surgeon, he explains the procedure in detail, once you have decided on the procedure and the implants you want, the whole process happens pretty fast.

The downside is that breast surgery can be painful in more ways than one, first of all on average breast implant surgery can cost anywhere between $3,000.00 – $6000.00 the price tag alone can be painful for many.

The good thing about breast surgery is that it is a relatively quick procedure, in most cases, you go in one day and after only a few a hours you wake up to a pair of bigger breasts, unfortunately, the recovery time can take weeks or even months and it can be painful.

Some of the most common side effects of breast enlargement surgery may include:

1. Recovery from a breast surgery can be slow and painful it can take weeks or even months to fully recover, using a breast enlargement cream there are no side effects.

Sure, breast enlargement creams take more time but the rewards are more satisfying plus it is not painful.

2. Breast or silicone implants are expensive. Some studies and surveys show women taking out refinances on their mortgages to pay for their breast enlargement surgery. Do you want to do such a thing? Using a breast cream is not expensive at all.

A 6 month supply of even the most expensive breast cream will not cost you more than $200.00

3. Complications with surgeries are plenty to deal with, not everyone has a successful breast implant surgery and it can be disastrous says medical experts in the US. But never have there been any complaints whatsoever when women have used a breast enlargement cream, since it is 100 percent natural there are no side effects, with the exception that you will have fuller and firmer breasts.

Women young and old who want bigger breasts, before you think of going under the knife to get a bigger pair of breasts, think about all that we have discussed today.


Every woman should ask themselves, Is breast enlargement surgery really worth the risk?

This is something every woman should look into with great detail, a breast cream is a great way to give yourself a slight increase in breast size, it is safe, effective and there are no health risks.

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