Natural Breast Enhancement

Why Natural Bust Enlargement is Better Than Breast Surgery

If you are reading this you have probably toyed with the idea of using some kind of breast enhancement cream, the TV ads, the magazine advertisements on how you can achieve phenomenal looking breasts with a simple cream are abundant.

What many companies fail to disclose or fail to tell you up front is what you can really expect to achieve by using their product.

Most breast enhancement products promise incredible results, but buyer beware, there are some products that just don’t work, and don’t provide results.

Like everything else,  things need to be put into perspective, especially when it comes to what you can realistically expect when using a natural breast enlargement product.

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First, let’s talk about why women opt for breast enlargement surgery

Breast surgery is a no-brainer, you see a surgeon, you discuss the breast size you would like and go through the pros and cons of the surgery, ultimately if everything goes well, within a short period of time you have your long desired big breasts.

This is kind of a surreal event, no different than liposuction of gastric band surgery, sure you lose weight fast, but after time, your body will readjust itself, unfortunately, the end result after five or six years will not be so attractive.

While some women think breast implant surgery is a simple procedure, it is often more complicated, to begin with, the cost of breast implant surgery is expensive.

The average cost is around 5,000.00 U.S.D and statistics show that usually within the first year between 1% and 3% of women will have to have those implants replaced because they begin to leak.

The chance of breast implants rupturing within the next three years is between 3% and 5% and of those women who have had surgery, between 13% and 21% of those women will have to have the procedure completely redone.

Most plastic surgeons have not done an extensive survey on how long breast implants last, but it seems that in most cases implants last between 13 and 15 years, which does not paint such a pretty picture.

Lets put things into perspective, let’s say you are 24 years old and decide on breast surgery,  at that time your body is tight and firm,  but as time goes by gravity and elasticity begin to show their face,  causing some sagging. Now, what? You can either have the implants replaced or removed completely.

Natural breast enhancement is a better choice

If it’s vanity or your boyfriend that is pressuring you into considering breast surgery, you may want to think again.

Most men like breasts just the way they are, regardless of size, sure if your breasts are extremely small using a breast cream is a simple way to give you a cup size larger,  which in many cases most breast creams can give you just that.

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Some women have actually achieved two cup sizes larger with a simple cream. Most breast enhancement products are designed to stimulate hormones which do a number of things.

Adding the right herbs can stimulate the underlying milk ducts under the breasts, regulate hormones and make the breasts firmer and fuller. If you use these herbal enhancement products for an extended period of time, they will gradually increase your breast size.

Why is this better than breast surgery? First of all breast enhancement therapy can be suspended at any time with nothing to lose,  however, with breast surgery you are faced with a surgical procedure to place the implants underneath the muscle.

The problem is that if you ever decide you don’t like them anymore, it’s another procedure to remove them, in both cases it’s a surgical procedure and very risky.

Herbal breast creams have long-lasting results

Most of the herbal breast enhancement products that are available today have long-lasting effects, most women that use breast enhancement creams retain between 88% and 95% of their actual size gains.

Maintaining those size gains is relatively simple it is just a matter of using a reduced amount of the product to maintain your gains.

Which procedure is right for you?

Regardless of what you decide breast surgery or natural breast enlargement, both options can enhance your breasts, it’s just a matter of thinking it through.

Vanity is a strong thing and some women just want massive breasts, but if you are down to earth and are looking for a way to make them slightly larger,  a simple breast cream might be the perfect and safest option for you.

Are breast creams your only option?

Breast creams are only one natural option, in fact, there are other natural breast enlargement options that work but they do require a certain amount of effort, in the long run, they can offer incredible results.

One of those less talked about options is called vacuum therapy. Vacuum therapy consists of using suction to increase blood flow to the breasts,  which causes real tissue growth making them grow bigger.

Vacuum therapy can be expensive, but there are products that can be ordered online that have the same effect and at a fraction of the cost of going to a clinic.

Products such as the Noogleberry can cost less than $70.00 dollars and can be used in the comfort of your home and offers real results, the only real issue is that it can take a couple of months before you see results.

The Nogleberry can offer women up to four cup sizes larger if used for an extended period of time.

Is natural better?

It all depends on you. If you already have your mind set on surgery so be it, every year thousands of women have it done, is it the safest? not really,  but if you think it’s best for you, go for it, if not take a look at some other options.


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