Natural Breast Augmentation

As part of the current trend toward natural health solutions rather than invasive surgical ones, “natural breast enlargement” has become a hot topic.

Various strategies are being promoted to achieve results, including vacuum breast pumps, pills, topical creams, breast serums, diet, massage, exercise, hypnosis and specially formulated chewing gum.

With so many options, it is difficult to decide which is appropriate unless you have information on how these varied approaches are supposed to work and why they might be effective.

You can’t just believe the advertising; it’s also necessary to know a product’s disadvantages and to evaluate the available consumer reviews before you buy in.

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Some therapies appear to work for one person and yet do nothing for another; this is an inherent risk where definitive research and documentation haven’t caught up with demand for these relatively new processes and products.  It may require a certain amount of trial and error or a combination of treatments to find the most suitable one.

Herbal supplements

Herbal combination therapies come in a variety of formats and are probably the most widely used approach, though the components of these products vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Some supplements focus on phytoestrogens, which are plant-derived chemicals that mimic female estrogen hormones and are thought to create similar effects in the body.

Other products emphasize their herbal progesterone content, as this hormone naturally partners with estrogen to regulate the menstrual cycle and reproductive function and is therefore instrumental in stimulating breast growth.

Herbal therapies are not always benign.  It’s worthwhile to remember that many of the most potent pharmaceutical products are created from plant-based extracts where active ingredients are isolated for specific treatments.

Each component of a supplement carries some risk of adverse effects:  estrogen in excess, or without enough progesterone to balance it, is linked to bleeding, blood clots, breast and endometrial cancer, fibroids, migraines, heart/artery problems, and gallstones.

A few of the other herbs you might encounter are dong quai which may stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells, or blessed thistle, which is believed to increase stomach acid.  Besides its phytoestrogen effects, hops also functions as a sedative and should be avoided by anyone suffering from depression.

Unfortunately, there are also products on the market that do not contain enough of the “active ingredients” to achieve results.  It is necessary to do some comparison shopping in order to understand what levels are appropriate.

The onus is very much on the consumer to determine whether such products are appropriate for use.  So far, there is little or no reliable documentation on long term effects for many of the ingredients.

In the end, the decision for or against herbal supplements for breast enhancement is a subjective one.  That’s why it’s so important to research the pros and cons and to know what to expect from the ingredients, relative to your own needs and health status.  Positive results and peace of mind come from understanding as much as possible about the process.

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