Natural Breast Augmentation and What are the Advantages

Natural breast augmentation is no different than any other cosmetic procedure, a lot of women are always looking for better ways to make themselves more beautiful, make up for smoother looking and prettier complexions, eyelash mascara for longer and prettier looking lashes and lipstick for fuller looking lips, In fact, the beauty industry is a million dollar industry, and the same goes for breast enlargement surgery.

Every year, thousands of women will have breast augmentation surgery, some end up looking great others not so great, one thing for sure is it will not last forever. Eventually, those saline implants will have to be replaced, because of the natural aging process and loss of skin elasticity, ultimately those implants will shift from one side or another, forcing another surgery, or even worse having to have them removed.

Natural breast augmentation is another option that many women will overlook, why? Because they hear it does not work, or it’s a scam, however, some of the best-sold breast enlargement products on the market continue to sell, not only for the benefit of slightly increasing a woman’s breast size but also because theses creams and serums can actually tighten and firm up your breasts.

While there are many advantages of using natural breast augmentation creams here are some very good reasons.

Cheaper than breast surgery: Most of the breast products are very inexpensive compared to breast surgery, not only that there is no risk.

Improved breast firmness: What most companies won’t tell you is that if already have large breasts most likely you have reached your full size potential, however, herbal breast creams will improve firmness and will help lift them, smaller chested women will see more benefits when it comes to increasing breast size, primarily because they have not reached their full size potential.

No long term side effects: Most of the best-selling breast creams are all natural and contain herbal ingredients, therefore there are no side effects from using them even over a long period of time.

Easy to use: Some of the products sold are simple creams or serums that you apply twice a day, however, there are some that include a dietary supplement that is taken along with the breast cream, still overall very simple.

Quick Results: Let us not get carried away, most of the breast cream products claim results in as little as seven days, but realistically it takes about thirty days before you begin to see tighter fuller breasts, not as quick as breast surgery but still pretty fast.

Easy to discontinue use: While we know that most of you will see great benefits in using breast creams, you can stop using them at any time, with breast augmentation surgery once those implants are in its more complicated to have them taken out.

One of the things I have noticed with some of my older women friends is that after reaching a certain age, late 40´s early 50´s, and yes I know everyone’s skin is different, but in the case of some of my friends you begin to see subtle wrinkling in their breasts, in some cases it can be too much sun exposure or maybe due to rapid weight gain or weight loss,  after all,  aging does cause the skin to lose elasticity, using a breast cream will slightly increase the volume in the breast and help eliminate wrinkles making them smoother.

While all breast creams tend to promote larger breasts, most of them don’t promote the fact that the key ingredients in these products can also help lift and firm the breasts, primarily by increasing hormones naturally. The herbal ingredients in these products contain phytoestrogen producing properties which mimic natural estrogen produced by women.

Who can use them?

Anyone woman can use breast creams, the key here is finding one that works for you, some of the more popular products can be a little on the expensive side, however nothing compared to the price of breast surgery, on the other hand, there are some very good breast creams and soaps that are very inexpensive and can definitely improve the look, feel and firmness of your boobs without breaking the bank.

Are they safe?

Well yes, in fact, most of these products are safer than birth control pills or any other prescription meds you may have used in the past, most of the popular products contain simple herbs and herbal derivatives from fennel seed, fenugreek seed, and Pueraria Mirifica which are all natural. Most of the products on the market are approved by the FDA and we all know how the FDA can be about approving products.

The bottom line is you will spend the money on products for softer skin,  a prettier face and most likely a thinner you, so why not consider improving the look of those beautiful breasts of yours, it’s cheap, it’s safe and it can only help add more beauty to that gorgeous body of yours.

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