What Do Men Really Like About Breasts

What do men really like about breasts here are some popular reasons for their obsession

While many men have different preferences to their favorite female body part, most men are partial to breasts.

Many times when a guy is talking to a woman the first thing he will look at is her breasts; men have a tendency to stare at a woman’s chest before anything else.

What do men find so physically appealing about women’s breasts? Well, they are round and smooth and soft, and what man do you know doesn’t love to play with them.

A few popular reasons men love breasts include:

  • All pairs are unique
  • They are pretty
  • They are soft
  • They are sexy
  • Good to touch
  • Erogenous zones
  • They are jiggly

What Do Men Really Like About Breasts

The curves

A good looking pair of breasts is a great asset on a woman, the perkier and rounder the breasts are the more men are attracted to them; a voluptuous woman with full and curvaceous breasts really stands out in the crowd and is a natural attraction to men.

A sign of fertility

The Royal Society published a document in 2004 referring to fertility, women with smaller waists and larger breasts had a higher rate of fertility than women with smaller hips and small breasts.

How much of this study is true, who knows, but it could lead to confirming many ancestral theories suggesting that baby primates needed softness and comfort when feeding or trying to relax.

In many countries, larger women with big breasts are what men find attractive and it is a strong sign of health and fertility.

Soft, smooth and arousing

No matter the shape or size of a woman’s breasts, they are very arousing to men.

Men have rather straight and muscular bodies with very little curvature, which makes women’s breasts all the more enticing, men love women with curvaceous bodies and breasts make a big part of that curvature.

Men love to kiss, fondle, and touch a woman’s breasts during sexual foreplay, men are very visual creatures and nothing arouses a man more than a beautiful pair of breasts.

Yes, one of the favorite things about a woman’s breasts is how soft they are, some jiggle more than others, but that’s what makes them sensual and special.

Men fantasize about what’s underneath your blouse

As mentioned before men are very visual, and a woman´s breasts are one of those unknown unseen features that are always covered up.

Most men can only dream and use their imagination on how those breasts actually look underneath a woman’s clothes, while women may see their breasts as insignificant, you can bet that a nice pair of covered breasts can make a guys imagination wander trying to imagine what is actually below that blouse.

Showing off a little bit of cleavage is a real turn on for most guys,  it can be a major attraction for many, and generally the larger the breast, the more there is to show off.

Having said that, for those that do have more cleavage don’t show off to much as it will take away from a guys imagination.

Breasts in the shower

Another favorite for most guys is a nice shower or bath with their female partner, a nice scented bar of soap can do wonders, men love to caress and soap down your breasts.

This can be a wonderful and comforting sensation for both of you, guys love to watch and touch while women like the gentle stroking and sensation this can provide, just remember to be gentle.

So ladies if you are wondering if there are any good reasons to firm up and increase your bust size a little, hopefully, the above will offer some encouragement and give you a better understanding of why guys love breasts so much.

What men really like

So we have talked about a few reasons why men are attracted to breasts, but when it comes to a women’s breasts, is bigger necessarily better?

While some men may be obsessed with big breasts, not all guys like them big, they may be nice to look at but at the end of the day, it’s not a feature women need to have.

If men are realistic they will not expect rock hard breasts, that is unnatural and is most common in women who have had some kind of breast implants, while those implants might look attractive from the outside, the true reality is they are not as fun to play with as the real ones.

In fact, coming from a guys perspective, surgical implants make the breasts look very awkward, n many cases it raises the position of the nipples, natural breasts are always preferred.


Yes, men love breasts, and while most will tell you its not the only feature thy love about you, deep down inside breasts are fun, arousing and absolutely sexy.

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