Do Breast Creams Work?

Results Women may Expect from Using a Breast Cream

Cosmetic surgery or implants, like breast enlargement and nose jobs or any other surgical procedure, have become prevalent all over the world.

It has become so popular that it is not unusual for those who have the money to give them as a graduation gift to students moving on to college.

Most ordinary people, however, would have to settle for less expensive enhancement products like creams and lotions. Breast enhancement creams are considered to be the more affordable and safer alternative to surgical procedures.

The Fixation with Bigger Breasts

There are many reasons why women would want to increase the size of their breasts through surgery or through natural means. Studies, however, indicate that men do not necessarily consider bigger breasts more attractive.

One study showed that a lot of men like breasts that were medium to big breasts the majority of men preferred women that had firm breasts.

What studies show is that women felt more confident and had higher self-esteem after undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

These emotional effects of having bigger breasts often spiral into more psychosocial benefits including better social interactions, more drive at work, and a generally more positive outlook on life.

How Safe are These Creams

Most of the breast enlargement cream brands on the market today are made of herbal and natural ingredients. This is why they are considered to be safe to use. The effects, however, are not immediately noticeable. It usually takes some time to see results, but these breast enhancement creams do work.

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Clinical trials show that firmer breasts are achieved within 3 to 6 weeks of regular use. Actual users reported reaching their desired cup size in 3-4 months. These claims are backed by testimonials and documented with photos. Actual results vary depending on the brand and on the user.

How Breast Creams Work

Breast creams work by boosting estrogen levels, one reason some women have small breasts is that they never fully developed during puberty. Puberty is when your breasts grow the most. If for some reason you had a hormone deficiency it could have prevented your breasts from fully developing.

Image Anatomy of the Female Breast

Breast creams contain phytoestrogens also known as plant estrogens, these help naturally boost estrogen.

I should note that plant estrogens are in no way chemical hormones

Using a breast cream helps increase estrogen and promotes fuller firmer breasts, using a breast cream does the following:

1. Makes the milk ducts fuller

If you have been pregnant or known women who have you know that their breasts become bigger and fuller. The moment women become pregnant the milk ducts begin to increase in size, this happens way before they begin producing milk ducts.

Breast creams have a similar effect, applying a breast cream to the breasts helps increase the fullness of the underlying milk ducts.

2. Strengthens the ligaments

Within the breasts you have suspensory ligaments, these help keep the breasts in place when these become weak your breasts begin to sag and look flatter and smaller. A breast cream can strengthen the ligaments within the breasts which makes them fuller and more lifted.

3. Increase fat cell production

Most of your breast tissue breast is made up of fat breast creams that contain active ingredients such as Volufiline and Pueraria Mirifica, both of these ingredients help increase healthy fat cell tissue which makes your breasts bigger.

Medical Perspective

From a medical perspective most doctors will tell you that breast creams don’t work, and why should they tell you otherwise. Every year cosmetic surgeons make millions performing breast implant surgery.

The truth is there are several clinical studies that have shown that ingredients found in breast creams can increase breast size, maybe not as much as surgery can but they can make them bigger, on average women can expect a 1-2 increase in cup size.

Here is one clinical study on the effects of Volufiline and its effect it has on increasing breast size.

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Some plastic surgeons would understandably recommend surgical breast enlargement as a permanent and long-lasting solution. There are cases, however, when using breast enlargement creams would be the best option.

In choosing the cream to use, it is important to still exercise caution as the creams might have ingredients that can cause skin irritations. Always check the ingredients list and consult your doctor especially if you have allergies.

How Big Can Your Breasts Get?

You have probably seen many of the reviews on many online sites like Amazon where women leave their reviews on the benefits of using a certain breast cream. Many of the reviews are not favorable and many women claim they did not get results from using a breast cream.

The problem is that many women have unrealistic expectations of what a breast cream is capable of doing. The truth is it’s not fair to compare a breast care system with surgery.

Obviously, breast implants can increase the size of your breasts by 5-6 cup sizes or even bigger. Breast creams are only capable of increasing the size of your breasts by 1-2 cup sizes. The difference between using a breast cream and surgery is that a breast cream is much safer.

Besides making your breasts slightly bigger, breast enhancement creams offer other benefits. They can reduce sagging and strengthen the ligaments within the breasts. This will not only give you better-looking breasts it will make them fuller and firmer, in most situations, but this is also all a lot of women are looking for.

Using Breast Enlargement Creams

The same psychosocial benefits can be experienced without going under the knife.

It is also a fact that there have been a number of unsuccessful breast implants lately.

A number of breast enlargement creams are now available in the market. Here are the benefits of using creams or lotions for breast enlargement:

Fast results – the manufacturers of these creams claim that users can expect visible results after 6 weeks of regular use.

Can reduce breast sagging – For some women breast creams do more than increase breast size, many women buy them because they are a good way to help reduce sagging and can also make breasts fuller and more lifted.

Easy to Use – there are no preparations or complicated steps to use these creams. Just spread the cream from the nipples on to the rest of the chest area in a circular motion.

No side effects – most breast enhancing products are made of herbal ingredients. There are no negative effects to be expected and women using these creams can just go about their normal daily routine.

Affordable – most of these creams are available in bottles or jars that are affordably priced. Compared to the thousands of dollars for breast surgeries, creams are definitely more pocket-friendly.

As you can see breast creams offer several positive benefits, the question is do they work?

They sure do, the problem is that a lot of women don’t understand that breast enlargement creams can only do so much.

If you understand how breast enhancement creams work it makes it easier to know what to expect and the limitations and what they can offer.

Where Can Women Buy These Creams

Many brands are available online with guaranteed results and testimonials from actual users. It is important to be choosy and wise in selecting a brand from a reputable company.

Check the claims and promises of these creams too. If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. Those that promise overnight results would definitely be overpromising.

While using topical creams, it would be good to consider following a strict diet and exercise regimen to help the breast muscles reach full potential faster. Try doing push-ups and other exercises that focus on the back and shoulder muscles. Since breasts are made up of fatty tissues, thin women are encouraged to put on extra pounds to increase their cup size.

Quick Fixes for an Instant Lift

The easiest way to make your breasts look perky is to maintain a good posture. Standing and sitting properly gives an instant boost to your chest size. Unconsciously, the right posture boosts your confidence too.

Fashion stylists advise women to go for blouses or tops that have ruffles or puffiness on the chest area to create an illusion of a fuller chest. Wearing horizontal stripes can also deliver the same result. The idea is to put volume in that area.

Check your bra size too. It may sound too simple but buying the right bra size can actually make a difference. Wearing a tight bra will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also make your breast look flatter or smaller.

Wearing a bigger size is also a no-no. Always remember that your bra should be able to give your bust a lift. The easiest and surest quick fix to enhance your cleavage is to use a padded or push-up bra.


The benefits of breast enlargement creams in most cases far outweigh the potential risks of a cosmetic procedure involving surgery, once you have breast implants the only way to reverse the procedure is by having another surgery, breast creams can easily be discontinued and are a more practical and effective way to make your breasts bigger.

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