Breast Creams a Good Alternative for Breast Enlargement

Atractive woman covering breasts While many women consider breast augmentation, it seems that surgery is always the one that is preferred in spite of the many risks. The more you consider breast enlargement surgery the more you will realize just how many women have had the procedure performed, and while silicone or saline implants really stand out, many times they look out of place on some women, maybe because of their frame, shoulder width etc.

Before we go into how breast creams work let us talk a little about natural breasts. The size of a woman’s breast are mostly due to genetics, but hormone activity during adolescence does play a role in how breasts develop and of course body fat can also contribute to breast size. If you are a woman who feels your breast are too small you are not alone, but there are ways to slightly increase them and make them fuller and larger but don’t expect a miracle, most breast creams can increase the size of your breasts up to two cup sizes. Natural breasts are gods gift to women and regardless of how big or small a woman’s breast are they are attractive and even more so when they are natural.

Breast creams

Breast enhancement creams have been around for many years promising women larger breasts, and while some of these products work, others may not, in fact, genetics and hormone levels can be a primary factor in how well a breast cream will work for you and here is why. Breast creams contain certain herbs that help increase the size of your breasts and they do this by mimicking natural estrogen levels in your body, so if you already have normal levels of estrogen you might see more of a size increase than a woman whose estrogen levels are lower.

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Breast Augmentation the Natural Way

Breast augmentation the natural way – Safe alternatives to make your breasts bigger

There has been a lot in the news about the PIP breast implant scandal in the UK and French media over the past few months. The main issue is the use of lower grade silicon in the manufacturing of breast implants. This is an additional risk to the already known problems with breast implant surgery. This article will explore another option, using natural creams to improve the look and appearance of your breasts, minus the risk of surgical procedures.

Breast Augmentation the Natural Way

A recent study in Canada showed that 40% of women with breast implants had a higher rate of breast cancer going undetected. This is thought to be because breast implants are radio-opaque, meaning they can impair the detection. Based on those statistics many women may want to avoid breast augmentation surgery, after all, there are much safer alternatives using natural products that don’t have secondary side effects.

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What is Breast Augmentation and what are the Surgical Alternatives?

If you look up the definition of breast enlargement, the term simply makes reference to placing an implant under the breast area for cosmetic purposes, usually for making the breasts larger.

In many cases, it is done as reconstructive surgery in women who have suffered from breast cancer.   The implants usually contain some type of saline or silicone solution. But breast enlargement is a bit more complex, why the term surgical is the only reference made to breast enlargement is beyond me.

Silicone Breaast Implants

If you have suffered from some sort of traumatic disease such as cancer, or maybe a genetic deformity, reconstructive breast surgery makes perfect sense, but what if you are only doing it for cosmetic purposes. If you are looking for ways to increase the size of your breasts you may want to consider other options. Breast surgery is an invasive procedure and should not be taken lightly; there are many other alternatives that are not only cheaper but much safer.

Before discussing the different options of breast enlargement,  it is very important for women to make sure they are doing it for all the right reasons.  The main reason is for you, not because your boyfriend or significant other says he wants you to have bigger boobs, this should be a decision you make and only you. If you have decided you would like to increase the size of your breasts there are very many safe ways to do it and below we will outline the different alternatives.

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Natural Breast Augmentation and What are the Advantages

Natural breast augmentation is no different than any other cosmetic procedure, a lot of women are always looking for better ways to make themselves more beautiful, make up for smoother looking and prettier complexions, eyelash mascara for longer and prettier looking lashes and lipstick for fuller looking lips, In fact, the beauty industry is a million dollar industry, and the same goes for breast enlargement surgery.

Every year, thousands of women will have breast augmentation surgery, some end up looking great others not so great, one thing for sure is it will not last forever. Eventually, those saline implants will have to be replaced, because of the natural aging process and loss of skin elasticity, ultimately those implants will shift from one side or another, forcing another surgery, or even worse having to have them removed.

Natural breast augmentation is another option that many women will overlook, why? Because they hear it does not work, or it’s a scam, however, some of the best-sold breast enlargement products on the market continue to sell, not only for the benefit of slightly increasing a woman’s breast size but also because theses creams and serums can actually tighten and firm up your breasts.

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How Breast Augmentation Creams Work

What You Should Know Before Using a Breast Enhancement Cream

Herbal breast augmentation is a subject that is looked at with a lot of skepticism; much in the way many believe homeopathic remedies or supplements are not effective. Using herbal breast enhancement methods do work and have been highly effective, if they did not work, women would no longer be buying them, but they do.

How they work is actually pretty simple, some herbal serums are simple one-step treatments that work by applying a cream or serum directly on the breast usually twice a day, while others  include oral tonics and pills which include specially formulated herbs that can help women achieve larger breasts.

Breast creams do not have the same effect on all women. Genetics account for about 75% of how large they grow, the rest has to do with woman’s hormonal levels, frame size etc.  You may say this is untrue, but many women with smaller breasts have not developed as well as those women with larger breasts, therefore they have more potential for increasing the size of their breasts than that of bustier women, most women with larger breasts have come very close to reaching their full breast size potential.

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Things You Can Do to Naturally Increase the Look of Your Breasts

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Many women, even the most confident and beautiful of all, secretly wish that their bodies were different than they actually are. They wish for a little less here, and a little more there.One of the most popular wish list items is larger, fuller breasts.

There is one, super quick method with fast and noticeable results. Unfortunately this method involves painful surgery that is risky and expensive. Instead, try to focus on less invasive, more natural breast enhancement options.

Pills and Creams:

A quick Google search will net you dozens of creams to choose from. Some are made of all-natural ingredients while others let science lend a hand. There is no definitive answer on the effectiveness of these creams. Some women report a small change while others do not. Breast enhancement creams or pills usually involve adding extra estrogen, a female hormone, to the body. An increase in estrogen, over time, could have an effect on breast size.

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The Pros and Cons of Herbal Breast Enlargement

Since the dawn of time, women have been unhappy about the size of their breasts.  Some are too big, while others are too small.  The reasons behind this are varied, but in more simplistic terms, some women just produced more estrogen at the appropriate stage of adolescence, resulting in a more ample bosom.  Those who lacked an excessive amount of this chemical within the body at the most inopportune time, developed smaller breasts.  Is it fate?  Is it heredity?  Is it simply bad luck?

Young Woman covering breasts
It all depends on how you view the issue, which side of the argument that you fall.  For decades, a viable option for both types of women was the surgical augmentation options, plastic surgery, that is.  But in more recent years, we are beginning to hear stories of “surgeries gone wrong” or of unnaturally shaped breasts developing years after the procedure.  We even hear of women changing their minds yet again, and getting the implants removed.  So much to think about, isn’t it?

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