Breast Pumps for Natural Breast Enlargement

While there are many natural alternatives to achieving bigger breasts, including surgical breast enlargement as well as using natural breast creams.

There is one procedure that is not widely talked about, and that is using a breast pump. No,  this is not the same device used to extract milk from a woman’s breast, this is a device used to increase the actual size of the breasts by increasing breast tissue volume.

Two of the more popular devices are the Noogleberry breast pump,  and another device made by Brava.

Both devices are used in a similar way by placing a special suction cup over each breast, the device has a small pumping mechanism that creates suction and increases blood flow to the breasts,  causing the expansion of tissue making the breasts grow.

With the Noogleberry system, you are required to keep the pressure on the breasts for a period between 15 to 30 minutes a day, while the Brava system requires you to wear a sports bra type apparatus for up to 10 hours a day.

The Noogleberry breast enlargement kit offers a variety of cup sizes for women with very small breasts as well as for women with much larger breasts.

The cost of the breast kits ranges from £39.99 to £50.99 depending on the cup size,  in U.S dollars it is about $70.00 to $80 U.S.D,  which is still pretty cheap compared to some of the natural breast enlargement creams on the market.

The Noogleberry system ships worldwide and discretely. the Noogleberry website also offers a very active online support forum, you do have to register and be approved before being able to view the forum.

Visit the official Noogleberry Website by Clicking here


Photo of the Nooglebery Pump

The Brava Sports Bra

The Brava device is a product that is worn for about 10 hours a day and is more of a halter or sports-bra which holds the two cups which apply the pressure to your breasts.  Attached is a small device called a smart device which keeps the constant and regulated pressure on the breasts.

The only downside to the Brava system as you will need to buy the bigger cup sizes as you grow, plus when using it,  especially at night you are forced to sleep on your back. The system recommends initial use for up to 10 weeks to see optimal results which Brava claims to increase your breast size 1 1/2 to 2 cup sizes larger.

The Brava system has two different options, one is the starter system and another is the Brava sports system, the difference between the two is the starter system has a shorter warranty period, and the Brava sports system lets you download your data to the internet letting you see detailed progress. The Brava system is around 1000.00 dollars.

While these both seem like viable options the Brava system personally seems like a lot of daily torture to achieve your breast size goals, while the Noogleberry system seems a bit more realistic since you only have to use it 15 to 30 minutes a day, but I guess both systems are better than risky breast surgery.

While the Noogleberry system can easily be purchased online with ease and it is shipped in a discrete package, the Brava system has to purchased through an authorized Doctor or reseller and at this time you have to call one of the resellers to order.

Now for some women, this might not be a total solution, you may want to add some herbal breast creams to your enhancement regimen and between the two products you will have gorgeous looking breasts at a fraction of the price of breast surgery.

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