Breast Creams a Good Alternative for Breast Enlargement

Atractive woman covering breastsWhile many women consider breast augmentation, it seems that surgery is always the one that is preferred in spite of the many risks.

The more you consider breast enlargement surgery the more you will realize just how many women have had the procedure performed.

While silicone or saline implants really stand out, many times they look out of place on some women. It is true there are many advantages of breast surgery, there are also many disadvantages.

Before we go into how breast creams work let us talk a little about natural breasts.

The size of a woman’s breast is mostly due to genetics, but hormone activity during adolescence does play a role in how breasts develop and of course body fat can also contribute to breast size.

If you are a woman who feels your breast are too small you are not alone, but there are ways to slightly increase them and make them fuller and larger but don’t expect a miracle, most breast creams can increase the size of your breasts up to two cup sizes.

Natural breasts are gods gift to women and regardless of how big or small a woman’s breast is they are attractive and even more so when they are natural.

A “good breast cream” can have several positive benefits for women, regardless of their age, as long as they are at least 21 years old, no, not because it’s illegal but that is the age where you can be sure your breasts have reached their full growth potential.

Women who are older may also want to consider a breast enhancement cream and here is why.

Breast Creams

Breast enhancement creams have been around for many years promising women larger breasts, and while some of these products work, others may not, in fact, genetics and hormone levels can be a primary factor in how well a breast cream will work for you and here is why.

Breast creams contain certain herbs that help increase the size of your breasts and they do this by mimicking natural estrogen levels in your body, so if you already have normal levels of estrogen you might see more of a size increase than a woman whose estrogen levels are lower.

Key reasons breast creams work

Most quality breast creams contain phytoestrogens, the key role of phytoestrogens are to mimic the effect of estrogen which is a key hormone in breast development.

What phytoestrogens do is increase blood flow to your breast tissue which also distributes estrogen to the breast tissue making your breasts grow, not only does estrogen help tissue growth it also will make your breasts firmer and fuller.

One key ingredient breast creams should have is Pueraria Mirifica because it is what also Perfectly shaped breastsstimulates breast growth. Pueraria Mirifica is a common herb found in Thailand and what it does is firm the breasts by lengthening the underlying milk ducts, at the same time it naturally expands the fatty tissue in the breasts.

This helps to add shape and support to the ligaments surrounding the breast.

Another advantage of using a breast cream that contains Pueraria Mirifica is the fact that it helps maintain collagen levels which improve the shape and firmness of your breasts.

Benefits of using a breast cream

Rejuvenate breast tissue

That’s right, most breast creams have special moisturizing ingredients that can help improve skin texture reduce wrinkles and make your breasts softer.

Make them bigger

One of the best selling features of most breast creams is that they will increase your bust size, it all depends on the ingredients, creams containing herbs such as Pueraria Mirifica and Mexican Wild Yam are used to stimulate estrogen levels making the breasts bigger.

Make them fuller and firmer

It all depends on the breast cream, they all have their own special ingredients, some come with an herbal supplement to help plump up those gorgeous mammary glands, and depending on the herbs, massaging the breast cream directly in to the breasts will stimulate the underlying milk ducts and increase blood flow to the breast tissue, making them fuller and firmer.

Reduce sagging

Even if you are over the age of 60 there is no reason why you should not consider a bust cream, at that age a lot of the elasticity in the underlying ligaments in the breast has been lost, using a breast cream can help turn back the hands of time to make those breasts of yours come back to life.

Prevent your breasts from aging: As the saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, most breast creams are paraben free and contain special oils including coconut, Macadamia nut, nutmeg nut, and other key moisturizers, not only will you prevent your breasts from prematurely aging, you can also benefit from the other benefits mentioned above.

Cheaper and safer than breast surgery: Yes for many women this can be a great alternative to surgery, no you cant expect to have Kelly brook sized breasts but they will add at least two cup sizes to what you already have.

Which breast cream works best

There are over three dozen companies selling breast creams and supplements and they all claim similar results, the important thing is that the primary ingredient should, in fact, be Pueraria Mirifica while other breast creams are accompanied by an oral supplement, often these do not work because the stomach acid usually breaks down the potency of any oral supplement taken.


Breast creams are a practical and easy solution for most women who want to slightly increase the size of their breasts, sure, it takes a few months to achieve your desired results, but it’s safe and your breasts will still be natural.

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