Breast Augmentation

Women have a choice when it comes to breast augmentation and today we shall tell you more about it. To undergo the process of augmenting one’s breasts, one gets to have various options to choose from. It again depends on the desired shape and size you dream of acquiring for your breasts. The advantages of augmentation can give you an enhanced shape and size, it can also help you alter the manner in which your breasts are shaped with attunement to your body structure and frame and also align the breasts as well.

With the help of augmentation of  breasts, one can say goodbye to ill shaped breasts or lopsided pairs as well. But there is certainly a lot more to such surgeries than just silicon implants. Augmentation can also help women reduce the size or their breasts and even alter them as per their needs.

Doctor discussing breast augmentation

If a woman chooses augmentation to enlarge her breasts, she can do so. Such implants are available for all breast sizes and would fit perfectly on any woman, irrespective of the size and shape of the body. It would depend on various factors to understand what size and type of augmentation you would like to have for your breasts and how you would like your breasts to be post the surgery? Plus, one needs to check the materials being used for the creation of breasts, because implants are now a rage and the common one in the industry is SILICON implants. Finally, think about the breast shape you want to display, each pair of breasts is unique and hence should suit your personality as well and not be a copy from one of the famous celebs out there.

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Why men are obsessed with breasts

Maybe because they themselves don’t have a wonderful pair to flaunt, or maybe they are curious on what they lack? Whatever be the reason, lets face it girls, men out there love our breasts and today we shall tell you more as to why men are obsessed with breasts?

Breast also have many slang words including Boobs, Knockers, Rack, Hooters, Cans, Fun bags , Tits, . The list goes on.

Girl holding big breasts

We can call a mans obsession with breasts primordial cause of attraction or something that has come down through time and evolution, men are obsessed with breasts, PERIOD. No one can exactly point out one single reason for the same, but there are many reasons behind this obsession. It is no hidden secret that men fantasize and are obsessed with breasts, be it in private or out in the open, they just cannot stop ogling at women’s breasts.

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Breast Surgeries Can Cause Lasting Complications

In spite of a poor economy, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 350,000 breast augmentation surgeries where performed in 2008. Although these statistics are a bit old, it still proves that the pressure that women feel about the way their breasts look is higher than ever, which is why breast enlargement surgeries continues to rise.

Woman on table having breast surgery

Most breast enhancement surgeries are successful but in many cases as with all kinds of surgeries, complications can arise and cause infections, excessive bleeding, and even death. It is highly advised that any woman looking in to breast enhancement surgery should look in to the side effects it can have before going under the knife. Other common issues when having such a surgery can be caused by human error by administering to much anesthesia or an extended duration of the operation.

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The Dangers of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Sometimes a female looks with envy at other women, those who have a more voluptuous figure. Such a woman might detest her rather tiny breasts. Eventually, her dissatisfaction with that part of her body can cause her to consider breast enhancement surgery.

Unfortunately, that procedure does not guarantee to any woman the immediate possession of two beautiful breasts. Instead, that procedure invites the introduction of potential dangers. A smart lady does not request an enhancement without first considering each of those recognized dangers.

No female can deny the fact that her body has been blessed with a number of curves. One pair of curves demonstrates her possession of soft and full mammary tissue. Those paired curves result from the perfect alignment of the nipples and the tissue surrounding them. An enhanced pair of bosoms can lack that sort of alignment.

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