All about Breasts

We find the root of the word breasts in the Old English language with the word breast which means bosom. Many people are surprised to find out that breasts are actually modified sweat glands that are able to produce milk.

Breasts can come in many different shapes and sizes, and can also range in texture and women’s nipples can range in color from dark brown to pale pink.

Mammary glands are distributed throughout a woman’s breast, and these are the glands that produce milk within the breast.

Openings in the nipple called lactiferous ducts are the ones that milk comes through when a woman has given birth to her child.

The ratio of these glands to tissue in the breasts doubles in lactating women, often the cause of enlarged and sore breasts in women.

Child breastfeeding form mom

Breast undergo many different changes during a woman’s lifetime

Breasts develop during puberty and the size and shape of them can be altered by normal life events that cause hormonal changes – these events include menstruation and menopause, as well as a few others.

Other situations that can cause changes in a woman’s breast are pregnancy when women experience growth in breast size.

One woman’s breasts will be completely different from another woman. This is a common truth that can lead to breast envy in women who feel like their breasts aren’t up to par, or are not as nice as other women’s breasts.

Another commonly known truth among women is that about ninety percent of women have one breast that is larger than the other, or their breasts are asymmetrical.

In one out of four cases, breasts are visibly asymmetrical and in a small percentage of women, they have severely different sizes in breasts. In a majority of these cases, the left breast was larger than the other.

In puberty changes in hormone levels, mainly estrogen, cause breasts to develop. There is a medical term for this onset of puberty and breast development, it is thelarche.

In most species, breasts do not develop until their first pregnancy; this is one of the largest differences between humans and other mammals. In humans, breasts actually develop during puberty and then experience changes during pregnancy.

Breasts are meant as a primary source of nurturing and feeding children.

Lactation is the process of producing milk for breastfeeding. Some scientific theories believe that breasts have the shape that they do to not only retain body heat necessary for the production of milk but also to ensure that infants aren’t suffocated while feeding.

Breasts also play a big part in human sexual activity due to the breast and nipple being one of a woman’s erogenous zones that are sensitive to the touch due to the nerve endings they contain.

Men have a fascination with women’s breasts

Breasts are seen as a sexual object, used in advertising and media such as TV and movies, to raise allure and get people to use their products and watch their productions.

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