Bigger Breasts with Herbal Products

Can Herbal Breast Enlargement Methods Work?

There are plenty of skeptics out there and nonbelievers of utilizing different herbal treatments, tonics and supplements not just for going on a diet and fat burning but there are nutritional supplements that can be used for breast enlargement.

Many women are not going to believe that a simple lotion or spray can actually enhance their bust size.

The truth is that they can have a positive impact on increasing breast size, the problem is that it can be really hard to accept the fact that a natural solution can, in fact, make your breasts bigger.

Some of the more common ingredients you will find in breast creams include things like Pueraria Mirifica, Nutmeg nut oil and Black Cohosh.

Some of the ingredients in many breast creams are actually derivatives of herbal products.

For example, Volufiline, a trademarked product found in creams like Vollure and Total curve come from the sarsparilla root. In fact, it has been shown in clinical trials that it can increase the size of a woman’s breasts by up to one cup size bigger.

Woman applying cream to her breast

This is understandable; then again things have to be put into perspective.

If you feel a basic breast enlargement cream is going to take you from a B cup to a D cup size that is also unlikely.

If you have been contemplating breast implant surgery, at some point because you would like to achieve a stunning bosom, depending on the size of your breast you want to obtain, surgical treatment may be your only alternative.

However, if you’re very realistic about your body and proportion you might want to consider an herbal breast enlargement alternative.

There are many breast lotions and creams in the marketplace, in addition to herbs that can increase a woman’s breast size and in most cases these creams and herbs do work.

The way they work is by boosting a woman’s progesterone level along with other substances like Pueraria Mirifica and fenugreek seed, cocoa butter, and wild yam.

Most of these products have been used for many years and offer great results, in fact, many women have increased their breast size up to one cup size,  and in many cases somewhat larger.

In fact, there’s a popular discussion website called where many women share different treatment methods along with their results and how it helped them obtain bigger breasts naturally.

Some of the treatment options on the discussion board require a lot of repetitive treatments and applications, but consistency is what is needed to achieve a larger breast size, much like it is with exercise and dieting.

If you are still a non believer of herbal breast enlargement, go take a look at the results some of the ladies have achieved on the breastnexus discussion board and if an herbal regimen is too hard for you to follow, there are always popular serums and creams such as Breast Actives and Vollure which can give you the exact same results with much less time and effort.

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