7 options for natural breast enhancement

Not all women have large breasts to boast about. Women with small breasts work hard at enlarging their breasts using the help of breast enhancement methods.

While surgical implants are the first option women consider to increase the size of their breasts, instead of going through this trauma, there are other natural breast enhancement options worth trying out first. These techniques help increase breast size by improving the shape and firmness of breasts.

1. There are various herbal supplements worth trying in the market. These supplements are also called phytoestrogens as its ingredients consist of human estrogen in the synthetic form, with similar composition and function as human estrogen.

Breast enhancement herbal supplements work at stimulating adipose tissue to increase breast size. These supplements are available in the form of sprays, pills, creams and lotions.

2. There are some herbal breast enhancement pills in the market that can effectively increase breast size a cup size or two, if taken regularly.

However like any other medication, it is better to consult your doctor before starting these pills, especially if you are under treatment for other health problems.

3. Breast enhancement creams work with regular, light application of the cream on the breasts, until the skin absorbs the cream. This helps soften and rejuvenate breast skin to increase the size of breasts. These creams are a blend of unique herbs that provide an estrogenic effect which makes this breast enlargement cream so popular.

4. Breast firming massage helps tone the cooper’s ligaments, and in the process, makes breasts firmer. Moreover, with regular massage, toxins accumulated in the breasts also gets flushed out periodically. While the massage can be done in the bathroom or bedroom, it is essential it is done right to get the best results.

5. Wearing padded bras is not a biological method of breast enhancement. However many women like this option as it provides ‘instant big breasts’ and because it is convenient and hassle-free to use.

There is a large variety of such padded bras available that give a sexy and full-breasted look. In fact, some are so well designed that they are not visible from the outside.

6. Breast firming exercises help in improving the bust-line as the adipose breast tissue is located directly over the pectoral muscles. These exercises are practiced by women all over the world for regular and constant breast enhancement and a beautiful bust.

7. Hypnosis is not a popular or scientifically proven breast enhancement technique. However hypnosis works on the concept of creating a positive mindset in women’s minds, which in turn helps stimulate hormones. This is why there are quite a few people who believe it is possible to enhance breasts using the help of hypnosis.

Instead of adapting only one of these techniques, a combination of two or more of these natural breast enhancement options help increase breast size even faster. It is important to be patient with natural breast enhancement as it takes time to see and get results.

However considering the money saved, and the absence of any risks and side effects, these options are much better than surgical options that may provide bigger breasts instantly.

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